It Could Be Said is the blog and newsletter by Will Cooling. I’ve been an internet writer for over twenty years, back when people couldn’t easily set up their own blogs. I’ve written about politics, comics, sports and combat sports for more websites than I can remember. I even went somewhat legit, writing for professional outlets such as New Statesman, FOX Sports, Wrestling Observer, Fighting Spirit Magazine, and several local newspapers.

With It Could Be Said I plan to do at least one essay every week about some topic that takes my interst. My rough rule of thumb is that we alternate between posts abot pro-wrestling and politics, with the occassional sports or pop culture essay thrown in to keep everyone on their toes. That may sound like a crazy mixture but as Lenin one said, “everything is connected to everything else”, and I try to bring those connections to the fore in my writing.

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Will Cooling

Gonna this try this writing thing again....